Our client had been estranged from her Mother for a period of twenty five years, the client had heard rumours that her Mother had passed away and instructed Vanguard to establish whether the rumours were true.

Our investigation took us to Malaya where we discovered that the maternal grandfather of the client was a medical Doctor during the course of the Japanese occupation in WW2, his wife a nurse. This brave couple treated and nursed many allied personnel and assisted in their repatriation through the resistance network.

Sadly both were detained by the Japanese, and suffered a very significant degree of torture along with one of their daughters the clients Mother. The long term effects were to have an impact on the client’s Mother for the rest of her life.

Through perseverance, our enquiries led us back to West London and in particular to two streets. Patient observations and gaining the confidence of local residents narrowed our search to one particular house.

One particular neighbour finally confirmed that the clients Mother was believed to be resident at the property and had been seen in the very recent past.

The client’s Mother was written to and in due course responded and confirmed she was indeed alive and physically well.

Mother and daughter have subsequently been re-united.




Our client owns and operates a small engineering company and was experiencing some unexplained absenteeism from a particular member of his workforce. Some surveillance revealed the employee was moonlighting as a mini-cab driver.

Our operatives booked the "mini-cab driver" on three occasions when he was due to be at work but claiming to be sick. We were then able to produce significant evidence for the client to take the appropriate action with his employee.