Technical Surveillance

Counter Measures Electronic eavesdropping is a phenomenon identified as a serious threat to commercial organisations large and small as well as being directed against individuals. Devices are inexpensive, readily available and in most cases simple to deploy. Such devices are capable of being disguised or hidden only to be discovered following the deployment of sophisticated sweeping equipment.

Current trends indicate the instances of covert listening devices being deployed have increased dramatically in recent years. This is identified not just as a result of the sales achieved of such equipment but the number of recoveries made.

As the bugs become ever more sophisticated, development of technical equipment to enable detection is required to locate and identify clandestine devices. Vanguard Protection are justly proud to be associated with the latest cutting edge technology development.

Following the electronic sweep we undertake a detailed physical search of the premises checking for any suspicious wiring or modifications while future proofing the location for follow up site visits.

Technical Security

Vanguard Protection is able to deliver a range of additional security measures to compliment the domestic or commercial environment, providing the client with peace of mind that residential or business premises benefit from the best possible systems and controls to negate unlawful intrusion, theft or damage and include:

  • Closed-circuit television systems
  • Internal intruder alarm systems
  • External intruder alarm systems
  • Access control
  • Designing out criminal opportunity