2016 has seen a noteworthy increase in the level of travellers (gypsies) illegally occupying land and commercial property in the UK, on occasions force has been used to gain access. Other instances have been reported where commercial land agents have been tricked into permitting a viewing of a site by "prospective clients", who having gained access then take over the site and buildings.

The resultant damage to buildings and premises together with substantial volumes of mixed waste often running into hundreds of tons, are regularly deposited by the illegal occupants. This causes significant financial loss to Landlords and land owners in terms of the removal of the waste. In addition, the delay in immediate letting opportunities is cause for further significant financial loss.

Vanguard Associates can assist Bailiff companies with highly experienced and mature operatives to support them throughout England & Wales in connection with live removal operations together with the following issues:

  • The serving of Common Law Notices;
  • The serving of County and High Court Notices;
  • The removal of travellers;
  • Peaceful repossession of commercial premises;
  • The eviction of trespassers and squatters under Common Law and Court action;
  • Enforcement of High Court Writs including transfer up from County Courts;
  • Removal of abandoned horses.

We regularly provide operatives to companies often at very short notice. Please contact the office number 0333 990 0087 where we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you.